Sample Marketing Letter for HVAC Tune-Ups

This letter may be used to obtain tune-ups, the primary marketing effort for your HVAC Business.  The PTS should be trained to convert these single tune-ups to service agreements or replacement leads.

Direct Mail Letter for Tune-Ups
(Your Letterhead)

(city, state, zip)

Dear (name),
Get Started Saving Money!
Countless neighborhood residents never recognize their home heating and air conditioning system works roughly 3,000+ hours each year. In order to put this “run time” in perspective, your automobile driven for the identical 3,000 hours at over 60 miles per hour would certainly travel 180,000 miles. Hardly anyone would contemplate this kind of trip without planning to get the auto’s oil changed and lubricated, in addition to scheduling a tune-up.

Your heating and air conditioning system functions much more of the time than your automobile, and comparable to your automobile, require scheduled tune-ups.

Our exclusive precision tune-up incorporates everything that could possibly be performed to restore your heating and air conditioning system to its original condition. Absolutely no other heating and air conditioning business we know of performs an equivalent precision tune-up. In fact, this task usually will take us 2 hours or even more in order to execute the work!

This one of a kind precision tune-up will be available to you for only the next 60 days at a special reduced price of only $79. Your system will certainly be operating thousands of additional hours. Phone us at (phone number) and request (name) at extension (number) in order to arrange a convenient time to have your system brought up to optimum working conditions. Do not delay, begin saving cash today!

Customer Service Representative

P.S. We include a 100% Guarantee. In the event you are not satisfied using our service, we will happily return your cash – absolutely no questions asked!
P.P.S. Here is a unique offer! Should you, for any reason, experience an unexpected emergency service call on your air conditioning and heating system inside one year after we complete the precision tune-up we will waive the $57 service call diagnostic charge, which compensates us to get to your home as well as diagnose the problem.

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